Optical Fibers


optical fibers?

Because optical fibers are the future.

There is no comparable alternative when it comes to data transfer. Their revolutionary technology allows for the flow of an impressively large volume of data in the form of light, thus guaranteeing an unhindered, unbeatable internet connection, at the highest available speeds.

Those quasi-invisible cables, with a diameter thinner than that of a human hair, can have an enormous impact on daily communication practices. Nowadays, when communication needs – both on a professional and personal level – call for solid, fast and reliable internet connections, optical fibers introduce themselves as the only option there is.

Optical fibers are here to stay. Sooner or later they will make copper cables obsolete, changing the way we communicate for good.




  • Complicated infrastructure projects require effective cooperation between different parties. We join forces, united by a common vision, and make it happen.
  • We never rest. We keep going that extra mile to provide you with better, faster, more effective solutions.
  • Health and safety measures are an integral part of the way we do business. To us, a safe workplace with minimum risk and exposure to danger is non-negotiable.
  • We boast a people-first company culture, where ongoing training and opportunities to grow and thrive are on the daily agenda. Because happy employees are better and more effective employees.
  • We are environmentally aware. To us, sustainability matters and we do our best to reduce our footprint to the minimum, throughout and after the completion of each construction process.


At Ak Tzanidis, we are proud of our people, the well-trained individuals that help us achieve our goals. Our team counts around 400 people, talented professionals of all sorts; from scientifically trained engineers and skillful project managers, all the way to handy craftsmen and skilled workers, nothing can stop our team from doing what it is best known for: delivering excellence.


The equipment we use is constantly updated to reach the higher standards of the industry. Combining technologically advanced and technically sound tools with the outstanding professionalism and excellent skills of our human resources, we can execute each project in a perfect way.

What We Do

Our Services

We offer an integrated, complete solution when it comes to optical fibers networks, covering all needs; from study, design, licensing, and planning, all the way to construction and maintenance, we ‘ve got you covered each step of the way.


Project Management

Modern infrastructure projects are complex procedures in which many interested parties are involved. Proper planning, management of all stakeholders, as well as effective coordination of the communication process are of major importance. In this sense, excellent project management skills are as crucial as solid technical skills, and at AK Tzanidis we have got the whole package to get the job done.


Measurements & Studies

Our team takes over both the preparation of all required research and studies, as well as all the red tape regarding the issuance of necessary approvals and permits. We prepare the surrounding area to get things ready for the network setup. We place all appropriate warning signs, cones and make sure that safety-measures are applied, as defined by law.



We are experts in earthwork. Depending on the project’s size, we use small loaders along with a special ditch wheel or manual wheel machines (trencher, micro- and mini trencher). We apply updated earthwork techniques to dig up narrow trenches of minimal width, ensuring best results.



We boast a fleet of privately-owned trucks that are especially designed to splice joints and distributors, allowing us to work even in bad weather conditions and to comply with the deadlines, no matter how tight they are.


Land surveying

Thanks to our state-of-the-art GPS equipment, we can guarantee maximum surveying accuracy and listing all required information, so that the network can be easily detected by any technician.



We are highly experienced in licensing processes and familiar with current legislation that applies to fiber optic networks, antennas etc. Thus, we can tackle all license-related issues, at the fastest rate possible.


Internal Installations

We undertake internal installation works in all kinds of buildings, horizontal and vertical wiring from the entry point all the way to the terminal point, terminations and cable connections.



After the completion of each project, we are still by your side, offering you maintenance services regarding the network. We are the ones to rely on for the detection and repair of network failures, and installation of fiber optic overhead cables. A team of qualified technicians is always there to assist you with any issue that may arise.


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We’ve got you covered each step of the way